Known for kneeling to pray an 'Our Father' before his races, renowned motorcyclist Luis Salom died June 3 after an accident while practicing for Spain's Grand Prix.  

The 24-year-old once told the press that he prayed not to win but “because I really believe and it's my aim to ask that that everything goes well, that nothing happens, and so we can all finish the race.”

“I do it because I want him to protect me, so that nothing happens to me and so that I will come back home safe and sound,” he told OK daily. Salom, nick-named locally as “the Mexican,” was Catholic and did not hesitate to publicly express his faith.

During a practice session Friday at the Montmeló racetrack in Barcelona, Salom could not negotiate a turn and crashed straight into the air-fence barrier at around 90 miles per hour. His mother always attended his races, and was in the stands the day he died.

Salom was born on the island of Mallorca. He was close to becoming a champion in the Moto 3 class in 2012 and 2013, and rose to the Moto 2 class this season.

Besides working to help up-and-coming racers from Mallorca, Salom always had time to participate multiple charity events. In recent years, he let various cancer associations use his picture. On Epiphany of this last year, he visited the children's hospital in Mallorca.

The young motorcyclist's funeral is set for June 8 at the Mallorca cathedral.