Pro-life organizations in Argentina are denouncing a proposal that would allow “free and legal abortion on demand,” for children as young as 14 years-old. The proposal, being considered by the Committee on Penal Legislation of the Argentinean Congress, has drawn concern by numerous organization who see it as a radical measure. Speaking to CNA on Nov. 3, Martin Patrito, the president of ArgentinosAlerta, said the proposed law “constitutes a true abdication of the State in its duty to protect the lives of persons.” Patrito noted that just one month ago, the Argentinean House of Representatives enacted new laws that establish that “the existence of the human person begins with conception.” “Now, however, many lawmakers are erasing with their elbows what they wrote with their hands. They want the Committee on Penal Legislation to consider a project that would deem abortion a 'right' and that could extend it even to the ninth week of pregnancy,” he explained. “In the case of a troubled pregnancy, it seems the Argentinean state has nothing more to offer than its collaboration in the death of an unborn child. The unborn child is totally excluded while many talk on and on about 'inclusive' policies.” “Pregnant women need help, not an abortion. Life itself has worth, it must not be at the mercy of the decision of some official,” he added. Patrito urged Congress to maintain higher standards in its legislation, “so that no Argentinean is left out.” Dr. Jorge Nicolas Lafferriere of the Center for Bioethics in Argentina said the proposed law would not only legalize abortion on demand, it would legalize the practice “up until the very moment of birth.” “The measure seeks to turn abortion into a 'right,' under the expression 'all women have a right to decide whether to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancies',” he explained. It would also limit conscience protection for health care workers who object to abortion, critics warned. Dr. Lafferriere said no binding international treaty ratified by Argentina establishes a right to abortion. “Abortion on demand entails the systematic elimination of handicapped children, especially if the law allows abortion in such cases even beyond the twelfth week.” ArgentintosAlerta has launched a signature drive on CitizenGo to stop the passage of the bill. More information can be found at: