The SOAR! board of directors approved nearly $1 million in grants to assist aging Catholic sisters, brothers and priests. The May grant will benefit 2,770 elderly men and women religious.

The charity assists religious communities in caring for their senior members. Grants cover expenses for basic needs, such as handrails, hospital beds and emergency call systems. As a result of this assistance, many more religious will be able to remain at home with their religious communities.

“We are grateful to SOAR!’s donors for making it possible to assist these elderly Catholic religious women and men in dire need,” said Kathryn Pirrotta Caballero, chairperson of the SOAR! board. “In our time of need, they have helped us in our school and hospital communities, in our parishes and through their prayers.”

SOAR! was formed in 1986 by a group of concerned lay people to help ensure the financial stability of Catholic religious congregations caring for elderly and infirm members. In the past 30 years, SOAR! has awarded 1115 grants, totaling more than $16 million, to congregations across the country.