A life-affirming online ad campaign seeks to present the positive experience of adoption as an alternative to abortion for women facing unexpected pregnancies. “We believe that women deserve to know about all of the options available to them, and we are grateful for the opportunity to connect more women with information and support as they consider adoption as one of those options,” said Marissa Cope, Director of Special Projects at Heroic Media. Heroic Media, a pro-life multimedia organization, teamed with the Gladney Center for Adoption in 2013 to promote the choice of adoption. This year, they worked together to launch a pro-life adoption advertisement titled “Last Year.”   “The newest ad features a young woman sharing her positive experience of placing her child up for adoption, stating that she has made a plan to finish school and the adoptive family she chose will raise her baby ‘and love her forever,’” Heroic Media said in a Nov. 25 statement. The commercial highlights a young woman who was pregnant and chose adoption, saying that “I know I made the right decision, for me and my baby.” The campaign is promoted on YouTube, where women can click to contact counselors or the adoption agency directly through the Gladney Center for Adoption. Just this year, the partnership between Heroic Media and the Gladney Center has generated almost 125,000 connections to adoption information through internet campaigns. With some 1,000,000 abortions each year in the United States, and only 18,000 infant adoptions, Heroic Media stressed the importance of offering education and life-affirming resources to women facing difficult situations, so that they can consider options such as adoption. “This new message continues a successful partnership to share adoption information with women facing unexpected pregnancies,” stated Cope.