On Sunday, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head in Super Bowl LII, facing off to claim the Lombardi Trophy at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN.  The Archbishops of Boston and Philadelphia have already placed wagers on the game.

The archbishops jointly announced a bet on Wednesday: Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia said he would donate to $100 to Catholic Charities Boston if the Patriots prevail, while Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston said he would donate to $100 to St. John’s Hospice in Philadelphia if the Eagles win.  

Catholic Charities Boston offers social services to thousands of individuals and families in the Massachusetts area. St. John’s Hospice is an emergency service provider to the homeless in Philadelphia, and also helps the homeless to find stable residences.

To raise the stakes, Archbishop Chaput and Cardinal O’Malley, who are both Capuchin Franciscan and friends from their seminary days, also said they would add Philadelphia cheesesteaks and Boston lobsters to the wager.

“Each year the Super Bowl is viewed by millions of people throughout the world,” read a Jan. 31 statement from Chaput and O’Malley.

“In the spirit of friendly competition, we have issued our wager because we have confidence in our teams and, more importantly, based on our admiration for the commitment of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots to assist their local communities and respond to the needs of the less fortunate,” the statement continued.

Both Chaput and O’Malley also made predictions for the Super Bowl outcome. Chaput is counting on an Eagle’s victory, 24-20, while O’Malley believes the Patriots will claim the trophy, 34-21.

No matter the outcome, they both prayed for a safe sporting event for everyone involved.

“We pray for a safe and enjoyable Super Bowl for both teams and all spectators, and that the gifts of God’s love and peace may bring us closer together as a society.”

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