On March 23, students, faculty and staff at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula will participate in a day of prayer and fasting as the eight justices of the United States Supreme Court begin hearing oral arguments in Zubik v. Burwell.

The court will decide if the HHS contraceptive-coverage mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by forcing religious nonprofits to act in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs. The four-year Catholic college is one of 35 plaintiffs in the case petitioning the government for an exemption from the mandate.

Thousands across the U.S. will join them in the day of prayer and fasting. “We are hopeful that Thomas Aquinas College and our co-plaintiffs will win this case, and that all employers will be able to continue to offer healthcare coverage that is in keeping with their deeply held religious beliefs,” says college president Michael F. McLean.

The college president also invited fellow Catholics and Christians to take part in his school’s initiative, saying, “We have total confidence that our lawyers will do their part. Now we must do ours. Please join with us in this day of prayer and fasting on March 23.”