On May 9, students at St. Gregory the Great School in Whittier won the United States Navy Seaperch Underwater Robotics Los Angeles regional competition for the middle school division at California State University, Los Angeles.

The winners were presented with a trophy and medals for their remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), which they built and operated. The students tested the ROV in a pool, successfully leading it through various obstacle courses to become champions. 

Chief Gary Skaggs, leader of the Navy diversity STEM outreach program, said the event teaches kids to work together. “It’s really amazing to see how much brainstorming goes around.”

On May 20, St. Gregory the Great will compete at the U.S. Navy National Seaperch competition at Louisiana State University. St. Gregory will be the only school to represent Los Angeles County at LSU National Seaperch for the middle school division.

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