St. Anthony High School in Long Beach boasts an increased enrollment of 565 students, with a freshman class of 165, after the school recently received maximum accreditation, expanded its class offerings and completed several campus renovations.

The Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) recently gave the school full accreditation. The high school is also offering a competitive college preparatory curriculum by adding new classes that include finance, robotics and media production.

Campus renovations ranged from internet connection upgrades to a new PC lab.

“St. Anthony High School’s steady enrollment growth is due to several factors which make the school highly attractive to families,” says school president Gina Rushing Maguire.  “First, the students themselves demonstrate the value of a faith-based high school experience that balances academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities and service, as they graduate and go on to higher learning and community contribution.”