Students at San Gabriel Mission High School in San Gabriel are spending their free time serving the poor at the local food bank, which benefits more than 100 families.

The San Gabriel Mission Food Bank, which has been in operation for three years, serves food and distributes toiletries and other household essentials to the disadvantaged members of the community. The food bank is open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. thanks to the help of local volunteers.

Sophomore Jennifer Del Rio and juniors Bianca Perez, Mia Santillan and Madison Yanez are four students known for regularly showing up to help. Perez and Yanez both work alongside their dads. Yanez’ dad, Oscar, is part of the food bank’s leadership team.

The students’ volunteer hours count as Service Learning Hours, a prerequisite to graduate, but many students decide to serve beyond the Service Learning requirement, staying longer hours as needed.

“Sometimes we forget how many people are in need,” the school leaders said in a statement. “It is refreshing to see students willing to give of their time for such a worthy cause.”