In a move that will help make high-quality, affordable college educations attainable for their students, Pomona Catholic School recently signed a Partnership for Access to College Education (PACE) agreement with the University of La Verne, CA. 

On July 30, Pomona Catholic joined nine other schools and school districts who had been invited to enter into the PACE agreement. 

“Today’s partnership will create a clear pathway from high school to college for our students and give them the opportunity to be successful financially and academically,” said Rebecca Artega, principal of Pomona Catholic. 

Jeannette Vagnozzi, an adjunct professor at the University of La Verne and an alumna of both Pomona and the university, called the partnership a “perfect fit” because of the “similar values embraced by both institutions: caring faculty and staff committed to student success, and an engaged, supportive campus community.” 

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