Shepherded by its active Fair Trade Ministry, Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Claremont has been named a Fair Trade Congregation, one of only seven in the United States.

Fair Trade is a self-sustaining business model with principles that include fair prices and wages, safe working conditions, no forced or abusive child labor, strict environmental standards, and community development. Small producers are able to generate enough income to put food on the table and send their children to school.

To earn this designation, OLA fulfilled criteria that include a commitment to purchase Fair Trade products when available, and incorporating Fair Trade education into parish life. OLA uses Fair Trade coffee and sugar routinely for all parish events, and regularly presents bulletin articles, information tables, films, and house gatherings.

Because of advocacy by the Fair Trade Ministry, 30 local merchants and more than a dozen congregations and institutions, such as Pomona College, make Fair Trade products available in Claremont.