On Feb. 26, the Louise M. Davies Foundation became the lead donor for the Catholic Textbook Project’s latest goal: four new Catholic history textbooks for grades 1 through 4.

The $500,000 campaign to develop and produce these volumes follows the earlier success of their five Catholic textbooks for upper elementary and high school classes. The textbooks are used in 51 dioceses nationwide.

Michael Van Hecke, president of the Catholic Textbook Project and Ventura resident, said that he is grateful for the Louise M. Davies Foundation’s long-held commitment to Catholic education. He added that the lead donation is a step towards “satisfying the requests of many Catholic school teachers and principals who eagerly await the production of [the] history textbooks for younger elementary school students.”

For more information about the Catholic Textbook Project history textbooks, or to consider underwriting production of their new goal, please visit catholictextbookproject.com or call 1 (888) 610-3354.