A basketball legend, showing up unannounced at your high school? Two thousand miles from home? It happened Sept. 12 at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks when LeBron James — THE LeBron James — spent part of the evening working out in the campus gymnasium.

“Thank you so much,” James tweeted in a video message on his “Uninterrupted” platform after school officials allowed the Cleveland Cavaliers star to use Notre Dame’s gym, following a long day of shooting commercials.

“I gotta give a huge shoutout to Notre Dame High School,” said James, among sport’s most recognizable figures. “These guys opened up their gymnasium and allowed me to get my work in, get on the court and continue to strive for greatness. So a special shout-out to the kids, to the faculty — much respect. I appreciate it.”

Several students, James noted, were present, and “hopefully I inspired you guys tonight, as I went through my session, with my guys putting me through my workouts.”

With a smile, he admitted that he “kinda crashed” a Mothers Guild meeting taking place that evening, and wished the ladies “hope and all good health. So like I said, man, much respect and Go Knights!”

“He was so gracious,” said Notre Dame Principal Alice Cotti.