The printing schedule for the Tidings Directory has changed from a calendar year to a fiscal year to better reflect personnel changes.  

Most of the ordinations, retirements, and assignment changes occur at mid-year (1 July) so the next printed directory, for 2018-2019, should be available in the third quarter of this year, reflecting those changes.  

The current directory (with St. Pope John Paul II on the cover) will remain the current copy until later this year, when the new one is published.

Related to this change in the printing schedule,  an online version of the information in directory has been developed. It is not a mirror image of the printed directory. 

Some information, such as historical articles, are online only. Other information, such as photo galleries, will be printed only. However, much of the content — including information on parishes, schools, hospitals, retreat centers, and Catholic Charities — will be available both online and in print.  

The online directory will be updated as new information becomes available.  The new online Tidings Directory is now available.