Parishioners of Holy Innocents Church, Long Beach, are inviting members of the pro-life community to join them for a National Day of Protest against Planned Parenthood on Saturday, Aug. 22. Sponsored by AudioGirls Ministries, the local protest will take place from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Long Beach, which is located at 2690 Pacific Avenue, near 27th Street.

“I encourage all Catholics to stand up for life and to speak up for our most innocent, pre-born brothers and sisters,” said Father Peter Irving, pastor of Holy Innocents. “It’s time to join the pro-life revolution. I pray the Protest Planned Parenthood campaigns across the country are a huge success.”

The National Day of Protest is intended to strengthen local pro-life efforts, and at once to put pressure on the media to report the truth about Planned Parenthood’s business tactics and activities, and on government officials to stop funding this organization, according to long-time active parishioner Colleen McDonald.

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The parish community of Holy Innocents Church has a very active pro-life apostolate, with more than 950 babies saved since 2008. In addition, in the fall of 2014, parish youth launched their own pro-life ministry group called “Life Boats.”