An undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood facility giving instruction in dangerous sexual practices to an apparently underage girl shows that the abortion provider should not be receiving taxpayer funds, a critic has said.

A Live Action investigator posing as a fifteen-year-old girl recorded a counselor at a Planned Parenthood in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who advised her about violent sexual practices.

The counselor told the investigator that “anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual,” adding that if a sex partner wants to engage in practices that are “gonna cause you harm or pain, and you’re okay with that,” it is “completely different” than if that partner wants “to try something that you’re not okay with.”

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, told CNA / EWTN News Aug. 13 that “every parent and educator would agree that we should not be telling little girls to whip, or to be whipped or to practice asphyxiation, chaining or choking during sex.”

“The message to our teens should not be ‘go and experiment sexually’,” she said. “The message to our teens should be that sex is something that is very important in how you approach it and it’s not something to … experiment with, be promiscuous with.”

“It has consequences and risks, outside of a faithful, lifelong, and ultimately emotionally intimate relationship.”

The video shows the Planned Parenthood counselor invoked a popular pornographic book series and talked about practices “that border on — um, I wouldn’t say ‘abuse,’ because it’s consensual, but definitely extreme.”

However, the counselor did not advise against the practices.

“If it’s consensual, again, completely normal,” the counselor said, talking about patients coming in with rope burns or markings on private areas due to the use of devices.

Rose said it is “extremely problematic” to counsel underage girls about these practices because, among other reasons, they cannot legally consent.

When speaking to underage girls, Rose said, “you shouldn’t be promoting sexual activity in the first place, but especially such dangerous and violent sexual activity.”

“The promotion of violence during sex to teens is something that everyone can agree is completely unacceptable.”

In July Live Action released videos of investigations at two Denver-area Planned Parenthood affiliates that similarly found staff members promoting violent sexual practices, including sadism and masochism, to underage minors.

One staffer encouraged an investigator she believed to be a teenager to search the internet, watch pornography and go to sex shops for ideas. The staffer advised the young woman to search using her phone to avoid parental oversight.

Planned Parenthood received over $540 million in taxpayer funds in its most recently reported fiscal year, according to Live Action. The federal government has also designated it a “navigator” to assist those seeking information about health insurance exchanges created under the 2010 health care legislation.

Some affiliates are receiving federal Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grants for sex education.

“They position themselves not only as the nation’s authority on sexual education, but they are getting taxpayer dollars to do it,” Rose said.

She said Planned Parenthood should “absolutely not” be receiving taxpayer funds. “They’re the biggest abortion chain in our country. They already kill over 350,000 children a year.”

Rose said that the abortion provider’s actions are “part of a larger agenda which ultimately leads to the culture of death,” including sexual addiction, broken relationships and broken families.

Rose urged parents, educators, taxpayers, legislators and other state authorities to get involved, suggesting that parents and others write to school boards stating that they do not want school districts to have any relationship with Planned Parenthood.