The Cabrini Literary Guild’s annual Creative Writing Awards program is now accepting submissions from all Catholic high school students. Using their own experiences, observations and writings, students are asked to respond to this year’s topic with 500-1,500 words: In the history of our country, every generation has had to face a challenge, whether it was wars, slavery, the Depression, Civil Rights, or 9/11. What challenge do you see your generation has to face?

Submissions will be accepted through February 4, 2019. Award winners will be announced and presented with their scholarship at the annual Creative Writing Awards luncheon at the Oakmont Country Club in April 2019. 

Since its inception in 1943, part of the Cabrini Literary Guild’s mission has been to stimulate interest in Catholic literature, thought, action, and philanthropy. They encourage local Catholic students to express themselves through creative writing, expanding from thoughts to actions, and to aspire to be compassionate, accepting, and discerning in their daily life. To date, the Guild has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships for winning essayists. 

For submission guidelines and details, email [email protected]

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