Students at Resurrection Catholic School will be use technology to receive an education tailored to their needs and abilities thanks to a $500,000 donation from Seton Education Partners.

The funds will allow the school to implement the “blended” learning method, which allows students to rotate between a group that works with computer learning programs and a group that interacts with the teacher. The half million dollars will go towards computers, furniture and software licensing fees.

The method allows students to advance to higher levels of learning after completing each challenge while also providing opportunities for students to work through the program at a slower pace. Teachers have the chance to create small groups for students struggling with a particular subject or theory.

Resurrection Catholic School in East LA hopes the program will do what it has done for similar elementary schools with disadvantaged children: increase student learning and raise test scores in order to give the students a chance at acceptance into better high schools and colleges.

“Every single one of our students deserves the opportunity to maximize their potential and reach academic success,” said Angelica Figueroa, principal at Resurrection School. “We are grateful to the Seton Blended Learning Network and all of our supporters and benefactors that have made this possible for our students and community.”

Seton Education Partners provides funds to implement the blended method to Catholic Schools serving disadvantaged children. Seton’s goal is to ensure an intellectually stimulating, character building and faith-enriching education.

For more information, please call the school’s main office at (323) 261-5750 or visit