Many of us have forgotten our immigrant roots. But our Church has always been a Church of immigrants, as our nation has always been a nation of immigrants. In earlier generations, we welcomed newcomers from every nation in Europe. Today, we are still welcoming newcomers — but now they come from Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.  This great Archdiocese of Los Angeles is a beautiful manifestation of our immigrant Church and nation — so many people, from so many countries, all coming here to be part of the American Dream. America’s founders dreamed of a nation where men and women from every race, religion and national background could live in equality — as brothers and sisters, children of the same God. The founders’ vision helped make this country a nation of immigrants — one people made from peoples of many nations, races and creeds.

And that’s what’s at stake in the immigration debate — the future of the American Dream.

— Archbishop José H. Gomez

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