As thousands of people find themselves out of work due to coronavirus (COVID-19) related business and school closures, Archbishop José H. Gomez asked California Catholics to support extending unemployment benefits to Church workers. 

Currently, non-profit employees do not have access to state unemployment insurance. Congress has the authority to provide emergency disaster unemployment assistance to workers without coverage. 

“The impact of the coronavirus emergency is being felt profoundly in our Catholic community. Nationwide, the Church has been forced to suspend worship services and close schools and other important offices and ministries, affecting tens of thousands of our employees,” said Archbishop Gomez. “Please join me in asking Congress to extend unemployment benefits to Church workers who might need this relief. Let us stand together in solidarity for our brothers and sisters in this time of trial and need.” 

He urged Californians to contact Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, as well as local representatives, today, to ask them to support an effective solution. 

More information and assistance in contacting state senators and local representatives can be found here