Cherry Jia, Jessica Jin, Katherine Guo, Sunny Yu, Catherine Zhang, Kelly Yi, Rita Fan and Joyce Wu enrolled in grades 7-10 at La Reina in Thousand Oaks last fall. The girls first learned about La Reina during a visit made to China by teacher Kathryn Quist and Robin Fontana, junior high assistant principal.

Their trip, during which they interviewed students interested in going to school in the United States, was sponsored by the Cambridge Institute of International Education “which helps schools extend their global reach.” Fontana believes very much in the philosophy of the Institute and would like to see the expansion of the international program to students in South Korea and South America.

The students are writing a dual language book about La Reina teachers, traditions and events. The book will not only give the girls a good writing experience, but the completed product will be used next year to help new students learn about the culture of the school.