The following statement by Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles was issued Nov. 7 following the Nov. 6 election:I congratulate President Obama on his reelection as the leader of this great country. Every political office is an expression of public trust and carries the responsibility to work for justice and the common good — not only in our own country but also in the international community. So I pray that God will grant our President the wisdom he needs to carry out his duties, along with the virtues of honesty, courage, prudence and humility that are necessary for true public service. As faithful citizens, the Catholic community here in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country stands ready to work with our President to fulfill the promise of America’s founders. We look forward to working with President Obama to build a society that promotes the dignity of every human life no matter how weak, the sanctity of marriage and the family, and the fundamental human value of religious liberty. We look forward to working for a new America that is truly one nation under God, where men and women from every race, creed and national background are welcomed to live in liberty and peace as brothers and sisters.The Most Rev. José H. GomezArchbishop of Los AngelesNovember 7, 2012