On April 24, Immaculate Conception School in Los Angeles and Holy Name of Mary School in San Dimas came together to pray and play.

The day began when five busses from Immaculate Conception rolled onto the San Dimas campus. All 700 students gathered in the classrooms for get acquainted activities and then it was off to Mass.

The theme of the Mass was friendship. Both principals, Mary Ann Murphy and Candice Kuzmickas, talked about their friendship and how that grew into two schools caring about one another. Throughout the last 10 years, these two schools have prayed for and supported one another.  

As Holy Name of Mary School was preparing for their annual festival over the weekend, they invited Immaculate Conception to join them. Through the very generous sponsorship of the Holy Name of Mary parish families and ministries, the rides and games were opened up for two hours just for the two sister schools.  

One of the biggest blessings was the festival logo T-shirts that were given to every student at Immaculate Conception. In addition, most of the Holy Name of Mary students wore lime green T-shirts identical to those given to students of Immaculate Conception.