In spring and early summer, fog rolls over the Palos Verdes Peninsula, as anyone who drives up Crenshaw Boulevard toward Crest Road knows. But no fog or any other distraction, physical or figurative, affects the vision of parishioners at St. John Fisher Church, a community focused on serving those in need and doing as Christ would do. “It’s Lumen Gentium in action,” declares pastoral associate Katherine Coolidge, referring to the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, one of the principal documents of Vatican II. “We seek to be light for others, to know how to be church for others, to know what we must do as part of a much larger Church.”More than 80 ministry groups at St. John Fisher reach beyond parish boundaries as they become Christ for others. It may be helping to finance and build a new church for Sagrado Corazon y Santa Maria de Guadalupe Parish in Cudahy, or supporting those back east affected by a devastating storm, tornado or hurricane, reaching to the young and elderly in their own parish, or feeding the homeless in the larger L.A. community.As pastor Msgr. David Sork notes, “This is a very giving, Christ-filled parish, and our people take Jesus' message seriously: ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ We are a community that strives to focus outward.”St. John Fisher School is a reflection of the parish, says principal Anne-Marie Hudani. “We collected money for St. Denis School in New Jersey which was totally flooded during Hurricane Sandy,” she says. “Our teachers are so committed. They take the responsibility of formation of these children very seriously. We are constantly striving to reach out to touch these children and show them ways to touch Christ.”Margaret and Bill Schell, parishioners for 45 years, love their parish very much. “Our Bereavement Ministry reaches out to a lot of people with great need,” Margaret says, “It started out with our Women’s Guild and now we have specialized folks who can go out to help those who have a need. This is really an all-around parish and we have good people here.”The parish has put into place a pastoral plan focused on the faith needs of the parish, and is using the program “Christ Renews His Parish: Called and Gifted.” Says Lisa Hills, chair of the Pastoral Council: “Every ministry group here has faith formation as part of their work.”Most importantly, says Coolidge, “We support one another even if we don’t have the same approach to spirituality. We support one another’s personal call and vocation.” A new parish church is being built, and the current worship space will be transformed into a youth center. At the same time, St. John Fisher is financially helping Sagrado Corazon in Cudahy in their efforts to build an appropriate and desperately-needed worship space. “In all we do there is outreach and community building,” says Msgr. Sork. “Our parish takes Christ’s message seriously and his call comes alive at Christmas for the families of Sagrado Corazon, for Get on the Bus, in religious education, and the list goes on. The talent and generosity in this community is tremendous. Outreach flows from Christ’s message to care for the very least and each other. These are wonderful, giving, Christ-centered people.”Adds Margaret Schell: “I think I was brought up with a fairly nice family who gave me what they could and I like to give it back. I think everyone up here likes to do that. We are not looking for accolades. We are just looking to do what we can. It just sinks into your brain as you go to church all the time and listen to the Word and listen to people. This is just what we should be doing — helping people. If you ever need any help, someone can do it. It’s all doing God’s work.” {gallery width=100 height=100}gallery/2013/0621/fisher/{/gallery}