A brand new “Working Together to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse” brochure for 2013 is now available from the Office of Safeguard the Children for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.The new brochure contains an introductory letter from Archbishop José Gomez and current information about the Safe Environment Offices, programs, resources, policies and procedures. “As our Church continues to address allegations of sexual abuse to prevent future abuse, and assist victim survivors in the healing process, I’m grateful that we have full participation from every parish and school in our Archdiocese, and I feel blessed by the powerful volunteer participation,” writes Archbishop Gomez in the brochure.“We are committed to ‘best practices’ for child and youth protection and strive to be a model for others. We have trained more than 1 million children and youth. Nearly 200,000 clergy, employees, volunteers and parents have participated in our training. Last year a record high of 30,732 adults attended the VIRTUS¬Æ program. Our program of background checks has included fingerprinting 121,000 adults who supervise children and youth.”The archbishop urged full and continued participation in working to prevent child sexual abuse, noting that the new brochure provides resources to help prevent child sexual abuse as well as information of how individuals can take action if they suspect or witness abuse or misconduct.And he encouraged all in the archdiocese to join him in praying for all “who have been hurt by members of the Church, and in seeking to restore any trust that was broken. Let us continue to work, every day, to assure that our children and youth are safe in every ministry in the archdiocese.”It is recommended that the new, burgundy-color brochure be distributed to all parish and school staff, parishioners, parents and volunteers during the Month of April, said Joan Vienna, director of the Offices of Family Life and Safeguard the Children. Copies should also be available in the vestibule of each church. Additionally, as part of a wide range of materials prepared for Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Office of Safeguard the Children for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles offers the following suggested petitions (also available in Spanish) for the Sundays in April:—That the Easter promise of new life will fill the hearts and minds of those who suffer in body, mind or spirit, we pray to the Lord.—For all who have suffered child abuse at the hands of someone they trusted, that they may feel God’s healing love surrounding them, we pray to the Lord. —For those who have been harmed by child abuse, that God’s grace will ease their suffering and heal their hearts helping them to trust again, we pray to the Lord.—For all those caring adults who have been educated to protect children and young people from child sexual abuse; may God bless their efforts in being the “ears, eyes and voice” of children and young people.—For those who have survived child abuse, that they feel the grace and mercy of God’s love in full measure, we pray to the Lord. —For all those whose lives have been broken by abuse, that they may be restored to wholeness of the body, mind and spirit, we pray to the Lord. These petitions are contained in the “Archdiocese of Los Angeles Ideas and Resources for Child Abuse Prevention Month, 2013,” available from the Office. Visit http://www.la-archdiocese.org/org/protecting/safeguard/Pages/CAPM.aspx or call (213) 637-7227 for information.