Braeden Benedict, eighth-grader at St. John Fisher School in Rancho Palos Verdes, won first place in Product Science (Physical) with “It's a Liquid. It's a Solid. It's Super Fluid! Effect of Material Composition on Shear Strength Yield Point of Magnetorheological Fluids.Other St. John Fisher winners included:—Sawyer Judge, eighth grade, second in Environmental Science for "An Oily Matter: Does Crude Oil Affect Decomposition and Fossilization?" —Genna Abele, eighth grade, third in Product Science (Biological): "Dissolve the Pain" —-Will Abele, seventh grade, fifth in Product Science (Physical): "Hot Pajamas!"—Alastair MacMillan, seventh grade, fifth in Electronics & Electromagnetics: "The Gauss Cradle: An Experiment on the Application of Potential Magnetic Energy." Also earning awards from local Catholic schools were:—Erik Godlewski, St. Anastasia (Westchester), seventh grade: third in Product Science, “Ri-i-i-i-i-i-ip! Which Paper Towels are the Strongest and Most Absorbent?" —Sean McGovern, St. Martin of Tours (Brentwood), sixth grade: fifth in Plant Biology, "Going Bananas.”—Alec and Ariana Rupp, Holy Trinity (San Pedro), sixth grade: fifth in Microbiology, "Do Sunglasses Harbor Microorganisms that are Resistant to Commonly Prescribed Ocular Antibiotics?"—Irina Tchernoskoutova, Nativity (Torrance), seventh grade: fifth in Physics & Astronomy, "Chladni Patterns.”These students were among 134 students from Los Angeles County selected to compete at the California State Science Fair based on their wins at the Los Angeles County Science Fair held last month. The State Science Fair hosts 1,000 students from 403 schools in 34 California counties. The final science competition this year was the Intel International Science Fair, May 8-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with students from 60 countries competing for medals, scholarships and special awards.{gallery width=100 height=100}gallery/2011/0527/scifair/{/gallery}