It was William Laird Adam who in the 1850s uprooted his family from the moors of Scotland to immigrate to America, the Land of Opportunity. More than 150 years later, on a sunny May 26, 2013, six of William Laird Adam’s descendants processed through the gym and across the graduation stage at Allan Hancock College, the latest in a long line of Adam Clan members to graduate from St. Joseph High School in Santa Maria. Each of the graduating Adams sported the Gordon plaid in recognition of the special bond they have as members of the Scottish Clan. Meanwhile, older and younger members of this long-time Santa Maria Valley family in attendance offered tears and cheers for their graduates at this solemn yet joyful celebration. For many of the proud parents and siblings, the day brought back memories of a time when they, too, traveled that very stage to receive their diplomas, signaling the passage from adolescence to adulthood. For twins Benjamin and Stuart Adam, California will remain home as they pursue their degrees — Benjamin in Bio Resource Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Stuart in Pre-Dentistry at the University of the Pacific. Both sons of Mark and Lois Adam will carry many happy memories from the athletic arena: for Stuart, running cross country and competing in the 2011 State championships; for Ben, earning 13 varsity letters and making All-League in volleyball and football.Dominic and Hala Adam’s son, Jacob, will attend Oklahoma State University, where he will study AG Law, ensuring that the agricultural and farming blood that runs through the clan’s veins remains intact. Jacob’s pinnacle moment of high school came in football when he and his team secured the PAC-7 League title.Mattie Adam, daughter of Kieran and Diane Adam, is off to the University of Massachusetts where, as an undeclared major, she will participate in the Resident Academic Program (REP) called Service Learning. Senior BBQs at St. Joseph were a favorite of Mattie’s and will be sorely missed as she heads off to a state known for its beautiful four seasons — including a “real winter!”John and Sandi Adam’s son Justin will join cousin Ben at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to work toward his degree in Pre-Veterinary Science. Like Ben, Justin counts winning the PAC-7 League title in football as one of his favorite high school memories.Finally, Bridget Adam, daughter of George and Debbie Adam, will study at the University of Notre Dame, cheering for the Fighting Irish, but never forgetting her Scottish roots. Like many of the Adams Clan, including her brother Philip, Bridget ran cross country and broke school track records. Bridget also enjoyed cheering on the St. Joseph basketball teams as they competed for CIF and representing the senior class as Homecoming Princess.For all of the Adam students graduating this year, attending high school with so many of their cousins has been a special time in their lives. Just as Grandfather William Laird Adam migrated to the shores of America seeking a better future for his family, so too, will this generation of Adams move forward to seek the opportunities waiting for them in America — especially nurtured and bolstered by the love and support of their families and friends, and the foundation of a strong Catholic education.{gallery width=100 height=100}gallery/2013/0628/gradadam/{/gallery}