Ten years ago, in The Tidings’ commemorative issue on the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels’ dedication (Aug. 30, 2002), it was suggested that the Cathedral “is a place of rest and inspiration and hope for all — all who have dreams or doubts, all who struggle or succeed, all who have wished and wondered and wailed and rejoiced in life, all who seek comfort, all who seek rest, all who seek to be nourished in body and spirit.”Today, a decade removed from Sept. 2, 2002, the Cathedral church in America’s largest archdiocese has become, for many, more than a house of worship, although that is always its primary purpose. It is also a community gathering place (for Catholics and non-Catholics alike) that has coincided with a remarkable transformation in downtown Los Angeles; a home for the creative arts; and — in keeping with the call of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — a place to serve those in need of physical and spiritual comfort. Shortly after the Cathedral project was announced, Cardinal Roger Mahony — in “A Renewed Church of Los Angeles: A New Millennium, A New Cathedral” (1996) — wrote the following:“May our new Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Archdiocese, serve as a clearer sign of unity linking all our Parish Communities in a deeper spirit of faith, hope and love.”This week, The Tidings marks the tenth anniversary of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels — a place where, indeed, all are welcome.—Mike Nelson{gallery width=100 height=100}gallery/2012/0831/cathintro/{/gallery}