Why Padre Serra is so important

I enjoyed reading Msgr. Antall's article on Padre Serra.

I don’t believe we should be pressured into removing Padre Serra’s statue, as is the case here in Ventura.  Leaders should launch in-person or online seminars for the community describing what Serra attempted to do and avoid closed-door discussions and decisions. It would be good for the bishops to develop a comprehensive program in California to explain to the communities why Padre Serra is so important. Of all the notable California figures, Serra was, I think, the most altruistic.

By the way, Serra did not start work as an academic.  In his youth he knew well the agricultural world in Mallorca and its hard physical labor.  This made him all the stronger and ready to apply the best agricultural methods, including the building of aqueducts to ensure a steady source of water, in Alta California.

- Laura Roberts

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