What Winston Marshall left out 

A nation news brief in the July 30 issue of Angelus reported that rocker Winston Marshall’s Catholic faith led him to leave Mumford and Sons over the backlash to his support for right-wing activist Andy Ngo’s book on violence in the so-called “antifa” movement.

I would like to point out the following: (1) The director of the FBI stated last year that there is no organized “antifa” as it is “more of an ideology than an organization; (2) Efforts to push this “antifa movement” are a smokescreen for the sinful, racist hatred of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement; (3) 94% of all pro-BLM demonstrations have been peaceful, while demonstrations involving right-wing militias or militant social movements have turned violent or destructive over twice as often, or nearly 14% of the time; (4) Andy Ngo has been credibly accused of working in partnership with the violence-prone Proud Boys-adjacent group Patriot Prayer. 

One’s Catholic faith is certainly no guarantee of clear discernment of the will of the God of love.

— Donald Bentley, La Puente

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