Two bishops with different approaches on abortion and Communion

The June 17 issue of Angelus reported on Pope Francis’ nomination of San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego as a cardinal, and his belief that denying Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is “weaponizing” the holy Eucharist. 

I strongly disagree with the cardinal-elect. What an offensive term to use in making a comparison with the Sacrament of Peace!

I will continue to applaud Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco for showing the courage (rare, nowadays) to publicly take Speaker Pelosi to task for the sin of scandal, as Jesus did with the Pharisees.

Bishops like cardinal-elect McElroy seem to want to downplay abortion, the No. 1 moral issue facing the Church in recent years.

And we know our enemy in this is strong — witness the pro-choice beliefs of our “good Catholic” President Biden, and the threat of the governor of California, to make our state an abortion “haven” post Roe v. Wade.

But we must not stand passively aside. Men like Archbishop Cordileone deserve our prayers and active support.

— John DeLaney, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Downey

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