The Cry of the Murdered

This letter to the editor is regarding “Consistently Controversial" by John Allen in the Sept 18-25, 2020 issue of Angelus.

I am convert from the Lutheran Christian faith to Roman Catholic because it was a clear and consistent ideology that I found very close to my own. I therefore had to comment on this article, which stabs deep in my heart.

My heart reaches out to the humans who are murdered before they even have a chance to make their way into this world. It grieves me tremendously that the Church,  which is to be the body of Christ, cannot stand up and say that they are for life. The life that the Father has given them and us. We are in this world together and we are not separated into compartments of political and nonpolitical, it is life on Earth, the mortal life that God gave to all of us and it is his will that we may live in peace and enjoy his gifts. Where is the problem in taking a clear stand on that issue?

In the latest issue of the Angelus, John Allen makes a comment suggesting that a vote for Biden gives the pro-murder side advantage and a vote for Trump is just "a vote for Trump." Is Allen completely ignorant? We vote for the person who is for life. A vote for the murder side will not hold a good, but will go down as a great sin for assisting the side of death and evil. How can you be called a Roman Catholic if you profess that Murder is something you approve of and will support? We are Children of life with Christ, our Lord, the giver of life.

May God the Father have mercy on us for our luck warm positions that offends him.

-Carl Mossberg

Palos Verdes, CA

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