A disturbing article by John L. Allen Jr.

The article by John L. Allen Jr. about the Synod’s delicate document is so disturbing that I feel obligated to respond.

First of all, the bishops decided to change the response to the sexual abuse on the Church for years from “zero tolerance” to “rigorous prevention measures” because it meant different things to different people. Really! What is confusing about the word intolerance?

The most disturbing was a quote attributed to Pope Francis saying the Church as “mother” is under attack from the “great accuser.” “At this moment the devil is accusing very strongly and the accusation becomes persecution.”

Truly — is it the devil who is exposing what’s been going on in the church under Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II whom he immediately canonized — or is it possibly the Holy Spirit bringing to divine light the need for acknowledging our sins, repentance, humility, gratitude for Christ’s saving grace?

The Catholic Church has survived scandals before. If it faces the truth of its sins and repents with grateful humility and truth, it can survive again.

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