The AI balancing act

Regarding the recent interview on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) in the June 30 issue: Justin Welter and Joseph Vukov both point to Catholicism’s capacity to directly answer the debacle of AI through person-centered ethics. It seems that more extreme camps of the issue divide into “AI is going to take all of our creative jobs and force us into hard labor” and “Human creativity is being rightfully supplanted by AI generation.” Their mistake is not seeing humans beyond their own function. 

As Welter pointed out, “original sin is probably more powerful than AI.” Technology is a tool and a tool will be used to destroy if the holder thinks that is its only function. Catholics know there is much more to themselves and the capabilities of their creations. Still, with technology as powerful as AI, is the possibility of destruction not too much of a risk? Can Catholics remain both hopeful and aware of our fallen nature?

— Dean Robbins is an undergraduate student at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

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