Tackling Cardinal McElroy’s ‘radical’ proposal

Charles Camosy’s “Deciding Who’s In” in the March 10 issue seems to imply that Cardinal Robert McElroy’s recent statements on “radical inclusion” extends a welcome to some people seen as engaging in sinful behavior.

McElroy’s point, however, is to propose a reconsideration of how we think of sinful behavior, perhaps especially of the belief that every sexual sin is a mortal sin.

As a moral theologian, Camosy should engage with the three main elements of Catholic teaching that ground McElroy’s argument: (1) everyone is wounded by sin and in need of God’s grace and healing; (2) priority of conscience; and (3) the Eucharist as a profound grace in our conversion to discipleship.

Unlike Camosy’s proposed “via media,” which does not really resolve the pastoral/doctrinal controversy, McElroy looks for resolution in the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the coming sessions of the synodal process.

— Robert V. Caro, SJ, Loyola Marymount University

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