Supporting the Dodgers’ acceptance of all people

Regarding the recent controversy involving the Dodgers and a group of drag “sisters”: I believe that the loving and embracing soul of the Dodgers embodies the cheerful team unity for all persons, gay and straight. 

In that sense, I believe I stand with the Lasordas, the Scullys, and the Miñosos, et al. These members of baseball royalty truly exemplified living and loving baseball “blue” by embracing all colors of diversity equally.

I think Dodgers fans should continue elevating and educating the fans and public with these values. I proudly join the fans loving all and removing mockery of the professed-for-life religious sisters, proudly wearing their bridal dress in their marriage to Christ by serving and educating Dodger-evangelizing Angelinos. Forever Christ and Dodger blue.

— Charles Drees, Huntington Beach

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