‘Rebel Hearts’ research rings true

Thank you for the excellent review of the documentary, “Rebel Hearts,” in the Aug. 13 issue. Ann Carey did an excellent job researching and preparing this article.

I can attest from personal experience that each one of the bullet points in the article is correct. One that jumped out at me was regarding Anita Caspary's misinformation that Cardinal James McIntyre forced the sisters out of the schools. In fact, I recall one of the members of the renewal team, Joan Campion, telling my mother and me in 1967 that the IHM sisters were going to stop wearing habits, etc. 

When my mother asked, “What if his eminence objects?” the response was, “We’ll withdraw from the schools.”

They did everything Campion told us they would do. I've never understood why the sisters were so vitriolic against Cardinal McIntyre. He hadn't harmed them in any way — unless following canon law in the exercise of his authority is harmful. 

Thank you so much for this charitable correction of much misinformation. 

— Deacon Tom Brandlin, Los Angeles

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