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Why heads shouldn't roll

In your November 16th issue, Greg Erlandson wrote that the current sex abuse scandal is made worse because ‘heads haven’t rolled.’ That...
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A beautiful tribute to Sister Wendy Beckett

Thank you so much for your lovingly beautiful tribute to Sister Wendy Beckett. I stumbled across her on a BBC program many years ago and knew I was looking at a gem of culture. More than that, she had a God-given insight with such a rarity of articulation and expression that is completely lost today. Thank God for her books, writings and television presentations to remind us of the rare gift God gave to us. I'll pray that they will be aired often. God bless you for your tribute.

Why heads shouldn't roll

In your November 16th issue, Greg Erlandson wrote that the current sex abuse scandal is made worse because ‘heads haven’t rolled.’ That is, there should be much more punishment meted out for anyone even remotely involved in cases of sex abuse in the church, including not only the priests who were found guilty, but any other churchman involved with the perpetrator before or after his sin/crime should have been somehow punished by the church authorities, apparently without regard to their level of guilt.

What flashed through my mind was “the eighth commandment.” When I looked it up, the eighth commandment forbids “bearing false witness.” According to the Catholic Catechism, this commandment includes avoiding ‘calumny,’ or ‘destroying the reputation and honor of one’s neighbor.’ (2479, “Catechism of the Catholic Church.”)

In other words, we are to be very careful when imputing sin to another person. If we are too eager to relay our suspicions or even our convictions about another’s morality, we may commit sin ourselves in trying to force the presumed sinner to judgment.

So, Erlandson is recommending that more Catholics should be turning in presumed sinners, which is forbidden by the Catechism.

A disturbing article by John L. Allen Jr.

The article by John L. Allen Jr. about the Synod’s delicate document is so disturbing that I feel obligated to respond.

First of all, the bishops decided to change the response to the sexual abuse on the Church for years from “zero tolerance” to “rigorous prevention measures” because it meant different things to different people. Really! What is confusing about the word intolerance?

The most disturbing was a quote attributed to Pope Francis saying the Church as “mother” is under attack from the “great accuser.” “At this moment the devil is accusing very strongly and the accusation becomes persecution.”

Truly — is it the devil who is exposing what’s been going on in the church under Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II whom he immediately canonized — or is it possibly the Holy Spirit bringing to divine light the need for acknowledging our sins, repentance, humility, gratitude for Christ’s saving grace?

The Catholic Church has survived scandals before. If it faces the truth of its sins and repents with grateful humility and truth, it can survive again.

Re: Ruben Navarrette's piece on diversity

Re: Ruben Navarrette's piece on diversity. What came across loud and clear is his dislike for conservatives, not just Tucker Carlson. Is he going to do a piece on Rachel Maddow and her liberal party's support for abortion? Doesn't that limit diversity? It is mostly minorities who have abortions. Didn't Keith Ellison the chairman of the Democratic National Committee say if you don't support abortion you're not welcome in the party?

Why you shouldn't have covered the rodeo

Industry Hills Charity Hill Pro Rodeo: I am attacking Angelus because of their support of this venue. In a sentence in this article, King stated, “I averted my eyes as a bewildered brown and white calf was chased on horseback, hurled to the ground and wrestled by a giant woman.” Check YouTube videos of calf-roping and see how horrible it is. Other animal abuses have stopped such as the circus, Shamu and abuse at animal farms. This venue supposedly gives out money, but as with other charities, one has to be careful. I think the Church should tell this rodeo, which is going to take place again shortly, that it should get rid of the baby calf-roping unless they don’t give a darn about the pain to these animals.

The missing detail in Mollie Tibbets' murder

I am a subscriber to Angelus and appreciate the information you are providing about the going-ons in the LA Archdiocese.

In your September 7 issue, however, you have an article regarding the murder of Mollie Tibbets and you fail to include one very important fact: that the alleged murderer was an undocumented immigrant. By hiding this very important fact you are not reporting facts, indeed you are editorializing.

I, and probably most of U.S. Catholics, are tired of the Church sweeping undesirable info under the proverbial rug, as happened with the sexual abuse issue.

If you want to write an editorial, please mark it so clearly.

Otherwise, you have a responsibility to report ALL the news, unless you too choose to become irrelevant.


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