No such thing as a "homeless Catholic voter"

In response to "The homeless Catholic Voter":

To be as short as possible: I am not a homeless voter!

You say the bishops state the “responsibility to make choices in political life rests with each individual in light of a properly formed conscience.” OK. Forming consciences in accordance with God’s truth? Is that what they think their document does? It is a farce, just as the comment of Bishop Rhoades that there are no easy answers? There is an easy answer: There is no future without life!

Religious freedom is at stake. We are at the potential threshold of total socialism. How can anyone justify voting for anyone who is an apostate Catholic and teamed up with a partner who is the most radical and anti-Catholic he could have chosen? Your statement that good Catholics can disagree on the issues today is wrong. In this case, a good Catholic cannot possibly agree with a bad Catholic.

Your column is not helpful, but rather misleading by justifying a vote for intrinsic evil to the uninformed and undecided voter. You have failed in your responsibility as a Catholic publication.

-Hilmar Rosenast
Valencia, California

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