Homily request: The preservation of life

I wanted to contribute to Heather King’s article “Wanted: Disturbing Homilies.” Her article seems to be politically motivated and targets a “Catholic in name only” audience.

The church has a very strong stance on abortion and the preservation of life.

Along political lines, the two parties in the United States have two very different positions on this topic. The right tends to align more with the Church in terms of life being sacred, and preserved at all costs. The left differs greatly, going as far as not recognizing conception as the beginning of life.

Knowing this, why do many Catholics, and the Church itself, align with the left? It has been puzzling to me as a Catholic for many years, and perhaps a priest could better explain. Those who claim to be Catholic and yet embrace the idea that life is sacred in some instances but not others illustrate the great hypocrisy that exists within the Church. I’d love to have a clergy member explain, or at least address it.

— Yadranka Draskovic

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