Fr. Rolheiser's tribute to Sister Wendy misses the mark

Fr. Rolheiser's homage to Sister Wendy Beckett spends too many words on her “consecrated virginity” and “appreciation of the nude human body.” He mentions her brilliance, but misses that she was a self-taught art historian and voracious reader who inspired a generation of art lovers to trust their own instincts when viewing art. She taught all of us that art is meant for the common viewer. Better to mention that when filming her 15-minute segments, she worked without a script and got it right in one take because her interpretations were so pure. Sister Wendy Beckett was my personal hero because she nailed the truth in every piece she viewed, while also linking every piece to the beauty of the human soul. Rather than anything scurrilous, may she be remembered for her interpretive genius.

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