Bill Maher’s bad advice

I'm appalled at the bad advice Bill Maher is quoted as giving in Robert Brennan’s Oct. 8 column “The truth of the Maher,” saying he’s not afraid of COVID-19, and he “ain’t going to give it to you,” and you should get out and enjoy life.

Maher is frustrated that it’s hard to gather a live audience for his stand-up comedy. I sympathize. But that is no excuse to encourage people not to exercise prudence and sound judgment. 

The people I know who are being cautious are doing so, not out of fear, but out of love and concern for their neighbors. It is not pro-life to be careless with a disease that has killed so many. Friends of mine have lost loved ones. I wonder how many loved ones Bill Maher has lost. How insensitive can you get?

— Marilyn Boussaid, St. James Church, Redondo Beach

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