A plea to reconsider 'drastic' measures

Catholics in our diocese have sustained one blow after another, and the pummeling seemed to have reached a crescendo today with the startling news of blanket church closures.

Our family is utterly disillusioned and shocked, especially in light of Pope Francis’ own exhortation to keep churches open and to keep priests visible and accessible to their flocks. “The faithful should find courage and comfort from seeing their shepherds. They should know that they can run in any moment and find refuge in their churches and parishes and find them open and welcoming.” (Angelus magazine, 3/20/20).

This Archdiocese is treating churches and the Sacraments, not to mention the physical closeness of our pastors, as if they are all optional and disposable, as if there is no greater good than bodily health.

Imagine if all supermarkets were to close with the rationale that - for the protection of the employees and customers - individuals should simply fend for themselves or, for extra edification, watch the Food Network.

What could possibly be more powerful, more healing, and more critical than the Sacraments, the lifeblood of a Catholic Christian? The salvation and nourishment of souls, the intended focus of Jesus Christ’s mission for the Church, is being replaced by something far less eternal.

We implore our dear Archbishop Gomez to reconsider the drastic measures that he has imposed.

May the Holy Spirit illuminate his path and reveal to him creative solutions that will serve the starving souls of our diocese.

Elizabeth and Cedric Ebiner, Pomona

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