A moment to be proud of

On behalf of the SoCal Immigration Task Force, we wish to express our profound gratitude for the beautiful event that unfolded at St. Frances X. Cabrini Church in South LA on Holy Saturday, featured as the cover story in the April 19 issue of Angelus

Witnessing undocumented migrants being reunited with their loved ones after years of separation was truly heartwarming. We are filled with immense pride to see the Church play a pivotal role in facilitating such emotional reunions.

We extend our most sincere appreciation to Bishop Matthew Elshoff, the parish, volunteers, and the event organizers who dedicated their time and efforts to make this day extraordinary. Their compassion and commitment exemplify the spirit of community and solidarity.

This event serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for immigration reform. As people of faith, we are called to embrace the stranger and advocate for justice. Let us not forget the biblical imperative to welcome the stranger, for in doing so, we honor the teachings of Christ.

— Isaac Cuevas, LA Archdiocese Office of Immigration Affairs, SoCal Immigration Task Force 

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