A forgotten factor in Dodgers debacle

Robert Brennan's column “My tough breakup with the Dodgers” hit on a crucial aspect of the Dodgers-Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence debacle that’s been largely censored: the role of our corporate news media in promoting acceptance of gender ideology. 

As Brennan pointed out, just about every major local news network or outlet in LA has sponsored or organized “Pride” events this month. Their bias in favor of this movement has come across in coverage of the Dodgers’ situation, making it seem like those of us who take offense at the “sisters’ ” disrespect for our most sacred beliefs are bigots. 

For this father of three young kids, it’s a difficult time to be a Catholic, but even more difficult to be a Catholic parent when there’s so much pressure from the media (and at school, too) to conform. Trying to impart the truth about human sexuality as taught by the Church, while still teaching our kids to love and respect people with different beliefs, is getting harder in this climate. 

— Lucas Rojas, La Mirada

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