A call to less arms

I often disagree with Father Ron Rolheiser’s columns, but I thought “Disarmed and Dangerous,” in the Sept. 9 issue, was exceptionally good. I feel strongly that it isn’t compatible with Christianity to carry weapons. I’m not even sure that it’s suitable for Christians to fight in wars, even with “just war” theory. I realize this is a difficult problem, and there is no perfect answer.

I am horrified that a couple of my friends own guns. I’m more horrified at the number of self-righteous people stocking assault weapons, with the intent of taking over the government. The worst are those who still insist that the “right to bear arms” means that every nutcase, every emotionally volatile teenager who wants to own a deadly weapon has the right to do so. It’s not very likely the Founding Fathers of this country would have foreseen such madness.

— Marilyn Boussaid, St. James Church, Redondo Beach

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