A balanced treatment of ‘tradwives’

I appreciated Elise Italiano Ureneck’s astute and respectful analysis in “Here come the Tradwives” in the May 19 issue. 

I agree with her suggestion that tradwives are genuinely seeking the kind of meaning and purpose that modernity has tried to separate from family life. But she is also right that “conservatism steeped in nostalgia is as problematic as a rigid progressivism that pursues future justice at all costs.”

I would add that tradwives’ craving for community and affirmation on social media complicates this paradox even more: Tradwives and “mommy bloggers” make their names by broadcasting an idealized version of their own motherhood through their smartphones. Raising kids, we should remember, calls for a little more maturity.

— Fatima Hernandez, Boston, Massachusetts

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