Fiducia Supplicans and the media sensationa

I’m tired of people misinterpreting the Vatican’s Fiducia Supplicans. This includes statements in a Crux article on Jan. 12, reprinted in Angelus, referring to a Dec. 18 Vatican declaration “authorizing the non-liturgical blessing of same-sex unions.” 

This leaves out the key word: “allegedly.” The Vatican declaration did not authorize same-sex unions, or the blessing thereof. 

The African bishops are not in disagreement with the substance of Fiducia Supplicans, although the article makes it sound as though they were. 

If people would actually read the document, especially paragraph 5, before making these statements, they may realize that the Church has not authorized the blessing of the unions, but of the individual persons. The Church cannot bless what is sinful.

There is an unfortunate tendency in the media to overemphasize or imply discord where it doesn’t exist. We should have more confidence in the Magisterium, and not pay so much attention to the media, or the opinions of people who misunderstand. 

— Marilyn Boussaid, Redondo Beach

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