I belong to a rosary group, which started out of a spiritual need in our school and parish community for a little boy who is battling brain cancer. A group of us met in church to pray for him one morning while he underwent surgery to remove part of the tumor. After we prayed, we decided to meet again the following week, and as they say, the rest is history.

Six years later we continue to pray the rosary for the same boy, and anyone else who needs spiritual and physical healing in our community. It is a place of refuge and solace for school parents and parishioners, alike.

Why say the Rosary?

The Rosary is one of the most powerful prayers to recite. Some say it is rote, or boring, but the graces it brings are numerous. The rosary is a powerful weapon against temptation, is a great antidote for anxiety and provides internal strength to conquer fear.

“It is a powerful tool and weapon for us Catholics. There is nothing the Blessed Mother cannot undo. Nothing is too hard for her. The rosary gives me hope that through my faith anything can be restored,” said Andrea Leos, who is a mother of two young boys and a member of the rosary group.

Why start a rosary group?

A rosary group is a safe place for people to gather in community to offer up their needs and petitions to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“It gives you hope that people have a safe place to turn to; you have a community of faith,” said Andrea.

How to start a rosary group?

Talk to your pastor or parish administrator about setting up a rosary group. Choose a location and time to pray the rosary weekly. Make an announcement in the church bulletin and school parish newsletter to invite parents and parishioners to come. Provide members with rosary “cheat sheets,” or prayer sheets on how to say the rosary, so that people who may be intimidated or not familiar with the rosary can follow along. Decide on which mystery to say. Designate someone to begin the rosary by offering up their intentions, and then let others add their own intentions. Have one person lead the first decade, and another person lead the second decade, and so forth. Wrap up the rosary with the Hail! Holy Queen prayer.