St. Canutus (or Canute) took the throne of Denmark in 1080, succeeding his older brother Harold. He began his reign with a successful war against the enemies of the state, and he brought the faith to the conquered provinces. 

After the glory of his victories, Canutus humbly prostrated himself before the foot of the crucifix, offering himself and the kingdom of Denmark to the Lord. 

Once the country was safe, Canutus married the daughter of the Earl of Flanders, Eltha.

Canutus was known for his justice. He made drastic reforms to correct internal problems, enacting severe laws regarding the repression of violence and tyranny by those in positions of power. He honored holy men and clergy, granting them privileges and immunities. Canutus was also known for his charity, working hard to make his people happy. 

During a rebellion, Canutus was surprised at church by rebel forces. He confessed his sins and received Holy Communion, and then, while he was on his knees before the altar, his enemies killed him.